Bits & Parts aims to utilize small 3D printers and CNC milling machines to fabricate full size affordable furniture available to all. The first prototype was created with the help of a 3D printing hub: together we made the first “crowd fabricated” chair.

We were able to radically expand the potential of these digital machines by fractioning designs into many small 3D parts . These can be assembled into a piece of furniture like a 3 dimensional puzzle. We started out with the Maker Puzzle Chair, which can be downloaded for free here.

The Bits & Parts project is a work in progress: we invite all the makers to help improve the designs to create the most efficient, beautiful, comfortable, recycable and locally produced furniture in the world. To achieve success, we will have to radically reduce cost, optimize the design and scale up to an automated mass digital fabrication process – or even stream fabrication from the cloud.

This is a spinoff project of the Makerchair series initiated by Joris Laarman Lab; an experimental playground that tinkers with engineers and craftsmen on the many new possibilities of emerging technology in the field of art and design.