Start printing or order the puzzles pieces

There’s a 15% discount at the 3DHubs checkout, also make sure to look for the cheapest Hubs!


This design, the KIDS MAKER CHAIR, has been fine-tuned and is ready to be printed at your home.

We also partnered up with 3DHUBS for those who just want to put the puzzle pieces together.

We offer the 3D blueprint file for a small amount of money, or you can choose to let it be printed for you by one of our 3DHub partners.

You will be given a 15% discount at the checkout. Be sure to search for the lowest priced hubs near your location!

*File sharing has never been easier, but we would appreciate it if you could support our work by keeping the blueprint to yourself 😉



There are 15 puzzle pieces and 4 connector rings for the legs.

The average weight of the 19 pieces is 85 grams, so 1,5kg filament of each color should be more than enough to build one chair.

The pieces should be printed with 2.85mm ABS and the printer settings can be found in the manual included in the download.

The legs are made from standard broomsticks.

The custom Joris Laarman Lab colors can be bought here. You need 2 spools of  0,75 kg of each color.

Feel free to experiment with your own printer and settings, but remember that you are responsible for your print. Make sure your pieces are strong enough to withstand some force and make safety your number one priority!